November 21, 2012

Nashville-Inspired iPhone Case

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So who’s watching Nashville? I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t immediately hooked, but now I’m loving it! On a recent episode, Hayden Panettiere’s character, Juliette Barnes, had the most beautiful iPhone case I think I’ve ever seen.

A quick online search revealed that it was probably the Case-Mate® Swarovski Crystal iPhone 4 & 4S Case sold at Nordstrom, where it retails at $49.

I’m willing to pay $49 for a lot of things: a good meal, a trip to the groomer’s for my dogs, a tank of gas, etc. However, I’m just not willing to pay that for a phone case. So, I searched Amazon for a comparable option.

And I found a few!

I ended up ordering this one for $4 with free shipping. It’s coming all the way from China, but I don’t mind to wait a bit longer for it. Merry Christmas to me; from me.

Here’s hoping I like it! What are you gifting to yourself this holiday season? I would talk about what I’m gifting everyone else, but I’d hate to give away the surprise.

I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. We’ll be spending the day with people we love, which means it will be absolutely wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!