November 29, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

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The boxes have been packed. Most of the furniture is out of the house. I’ve scheduled shut-off dates for the cable, utilities, and electrical. And now it’s time to say goodbye.

Before I do that, though, I thought it might be fun to look back and remember some of what we’ve experienced while living in this house.

  • We learned at age 22 what being a homeowner meant.
  • Travis and I shared wedding anniversaries 1, 2 and 3.
  • We made major decorating decisions and furniture purchases for the first time in either of our lives.
  • We brought Roxy home in 2009 after we rescued her.
  • We learned how to disagree with one another and to compromise.
  • I prepared and hosted my first Christmas dinner in 2010.
  • We tackled major renovations both inside and out of our home.
  • We spent four days snowed in our house in 2011.
  • We lost power for a week in April 2011 when tornadoes tore through our area. We were extremely fortunate to only be without electricity.
  • I fell in love with Travis’ entire family, but especially his parents.
  • I learned how to cook.
  • Travis finished school in 2012. (He actually graduated on my birthday.)
  • I watched my career grow and improve for years only to be cut short when I was laid off earlier this year.
  • This is the only driveway Travis’ truck has called home.
  • I went to the mall about 2.8 million times, at least. We only live 10 minutes away.
  • We both celebrated our 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th birthdays.
  • We learned to budget.
  • Three bridesmaid dresses were added to my collection. (All from brides I met while living in Chattanooga.)
  • Travis learned what living in a bigger city was really like.
  • We spent about three weeks of our lives sitting in traffic (see above).
  • We learned that an hour between us and our family really was a hinderance.
  • We took some pretty awesome vacations: Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, St. Augustine, the Bahamas and a few others closer to home like my family’s annual trip to the mountains.
  • We shared our first-ever white Christmas together in 2010.
  • We helped family and friends welcome new little additions.
  • We watched friends move away only to come back home.
  • We said goodbye to all of my Chattanooga friends after we all left the news business.

We hope to make as many memories in our new home, which will be closer to our families. We’re trading “city life” for a slower pace. Now, we’ll be 10 minutes to our parents instead of the mall. (Don’t worry, the mall is less than an hour away.)

We’re scheduled to close on our first home tomorrow. I’m not sure what walking out the door the last time will feel like, but I hope I can look back and remember all the good times we’ve had in this house while looking forward to what’s ahead for us.


October 11, 2012

DIY Map Art

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A couple of years ago, map art was all the rage. I suppose it still is. Like everyone else, I jumped on the bandwagon (like I did with my DIY paint chip art) and fashioned my very own map art. It has been hanging in my office for at least two years now, and I’m still in love with it.

I bought a $5 dollar map of my current city, and found the most visually interesting part of the map to frame. Lucky for me, Chattanooga is a dynamic town with lots of streets, a river and mountains. It looks lovely framed.

You’ll notice my ironing efforts went largely unnoticed by my map. Luckily, it’s barely noticeable indoors.

At first I was disappointed that my street wasn’t included in the framed map, but then I realized this was another opportunity to bring some art to the other side of the office for the bookcase.

I gathered my supplies: the remainder of my map, a frame, sewing needles and red thread. (Sorry for the horrid photo taken years ago.) Do you see where this is going?

I stitched a red heart around our street and added it to the IKEA frame. Voila! Cute, personalized and cheap art.

I’m looking forward to creating a few more pieces of map art once we move. I also plan to keep these pieces around, because, after all, Chattanooga was our first home as a married couple. We’ve had a lot of fun here.

I’ve got some great ideas for transitioning the heart map art to include more details of our first home. This is my inspiration:

I absolutely love the placement of the photo in the middle. I’d like to add the embroidered map in the bottom, and then frame our house keys at the top. I think it’d be adorable, plus I have visions of having a huge wall of frames in our future house.

What have you been DIY-ing lately (or years ago, if you’re like me)?

June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap: June 10, 11, 12: Riverbend and McKay

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This weekend was a bit more low key than last weekend. There’s a music festival in town. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

This is the first year the husband and I have gone to the Riverbend Festival together. We managed to squeeze in a quick visit Friday night to see Huey Lewis and the News after some grocery shopping. It was much too hot to stay for very long, though.

Riverbend is a 9-day festival on the waterfront in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each night a main act plays on the Coca-Cola stage around 9:30. In order to get into the festival, you purchase a pin you wear on your shirt. Once inside the festival, there are games, rides for children and many musical acts to see. It’s a huge event for our area that draws a large crowd every year. This year some of the main performers include The Beach Boys, Miranda Lambert, Brian McKnight and Alan Jackson.

Riverbend Pin

Riverbend Pin

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and running errands. So exciting, I know. I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to McKay. If you’ve never been, you must go. Especially if you’re an avid reader like I am. More on McKay later this week.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house (again!), and then it was date night for husband and me. We planned to go to Riverbend and finally see the new X-Men movie since we didn’t get to see it last weekend.

We learned Friday that in order to see the main act for that particular day at Riverbend, you have to set up your chairs early in front of the main stage. So, that’s what we did. We also tied our chairs together with the bags they came in to ensure they wouldn’t be separated and labeled them with our name.

Then it was off to see X-Men. The movie theater is walking distance from Riverbend, which made for a perfect date. We got to enjoy some air conditioning, while our chairs held our place. After the movie we had a quick dinner and then headed toward the river[bend].

The Machine (a Pink Floyd cover band) was playing with the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Our view was mostly blocked, but the show was still pretty great. The show even featured a pretty sweet light show. What we could see of it was pretty sweet anyway.

Our View

Our View at Riverbend

I even found a video of The Machine (not from Riverbend Festival.) Enjoy!