November 9, 2012

Dining Room Dreaming

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I’ve always wanted a dining room. When we bought our first house, it was on the wish list, but it wasn’t meant to be. I made the most of what we did have, though.

Happily our next house (assuming all goes well during the next month and we close) will have a dining room! Hooray!

I’ve been spending a lot of time dreaming of what our future dining room will look like, so I put together a little mood board to show you what I’ve been thinking.

I’m pretty much madly in love with the wallpaper (top right). I’ve never hung wallpaper, but I’m excited to try it. I’d like to hang it above the chair rail and then paint below. Paint color is to be determined.

I’d like to use pops of blue to break up the rest of the neutrals in the room. I’m loving these curtains (top right) because they’re light and breezy. They won’t block sunlight, but they’ll still provide a bit of color. And at $14.97 a panel, if I get tired of them it won’t be a huge financial burden to change.

I think this buffet (bottom right) is gorgeous. It has lovely raised details, nice legs and pretty glass knobs. Plus it’s solid wood. I just may need to convince the husband we need to purchase this piece before the move.

I really love the antique silver chandelier. It’s also not a huge financial commitment costing only $159 at Lowe’s. I think it would add some character to the room, plus it should fill the space nicely. It would look really pretty with a ceiling medallion, too.

The apothecary jars are also from Lowe’s. I’m sure I probably have some white decor I can use, but I’m really digging these.

I think this is a pretty good starting point for the dining room. It’s neutral enough so that I can layer different decor throughout the year. I also think it will work with with the furniture we already own. I’ve still got to get Travis to sign on with my ideas for this room, but I think he’ll like it just as much as I do.


November 7, 2012

A Moving Binder

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We have to be out of our house November 30, so I’ve got a busy month ahead of me.

I’ve been doing tons of research on how to organize my move, and decided to create a moving binder to keep all the papers and information I’ll need during the next month in one place. So far in the binder I have:

  • A November calendar to keep up in important dates
  • A zippered pouch to hold business cards, pencils, a calculator, etc.
  • Blank paper to list important details
  • An incoming mail log to ensure everyone who sends us mail has our new address
  • A list of the shows we DVR
  • A log of companies I need to call to change our address
  • A list of services to cancel (utilities, trash, etc.)
  • Weekly to-do lists beginning with this week
  • Sheet protectors for papers we need to keep up with

I found a free printable cover for the binder, and I think it makes it look super cute, which means I’m more likely to tote it around with me and use it.

We are so excited about our move, and now I’m even more excited because I know that I’ll stay super organized and on top of my growing to-do lists for the month.

To see some of the other moving resources I’ve found lately, check out my moving board on Pinterest.

November 5, 2012

October 2012 Month in Review

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October brought with it much colder weather and also the end of the tour of the interior our current house. I still hope to be able to show you the exterior of our current house and the garage, aka the laundry room soon.

We kicked off October with a tour of the upstairs bathroom. This room is tiny, but it has served us well. Click here to see how we make the most of a small-ish bathroom.

The last spaces on the main floor of our home were the next up on the tour. I showed you all the details of our master bedroom and bathroom, and I shared what I dislike most about these spaces. Click here for all the details.

I took a break from the tour to show you a few items that have been on my wish list for awhile. I really need to get busy writing my letter to that jolly man in red. Click here to see some of what might be on my Christmas list this year.

I created some DIY map art a couple of years ago, so I figured it was about time I showed you. I can’t wait to incorporate this into some keepsake art to commemorate our first house. Click here to see how I made the map art and how I hope to use it in our next house.

Up next I showed you how we make our oh-so-easy nachos around here. It’s one of our favorite meals. For the “recipe,” click here.

Thanks to you guys, this blog experienced its highest site traffic to date in October! Thank you again to everyone who stopped by. Click here to read all about it. Seriously, thank you again.

The tour of our current house picked up again in the downstairs living room. We have a separate apartment downstairs, but we’ve never rented it out because this room serves so many purposes for us. Click here to see all the ways we use this room.

The tour then moved into the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. I know it’s odd to lump those two rooms into one post, but I promise it’ll make sense once you read the tour of those rooms. Click here to do just that.

The downstairs guest bedroom is the last room of the tour of the interior of our home. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the whole house, and I can’t wait to get more use out of this furniture in our next house. Click here to see what I mean.

The month wrapped up with a spooky Halloween greeting from my family to yours. Boo!

I can’t wait to see what November brings! Posting may be a bit more irregular that norming during the next couple of months, but I promise I’ll do my best to keep you updated on all the big change happening in our lives.

Happy November!

p.s. If you missed any of the rooms of the tour of our current home, click here.

November 2, 2012

I Have Some Big News to Share

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Our house is officially under contract! We received an offer October 17, and after some brief negotiations, we were officially under contract the next day. It was a whirlwind of paperwork, emails and phone calls, but we’re blessed that we were able to accept an offer on our home that we feel really good about.

It was only after we were under contract that we realized we had to find someplace to move. With only about six weeks until we had to be out of our house, we knew we had to get busy house hunting.

Luckily, we had already looked at most of the properties for sale in our future town, so we knew where to start. Travis was busy working out of town, so I looked at the most recent listings that had come on the market. I was able to narrow the house hunt down to four potential houses after looking at all the listings online. Of the four, I found what I thought was the house, but I had to get Travis to sign off on it.

It took a week for him to come back from working out of town and see the house. I spent the week biting my nails and hoping no one made an offer before we could. While I knew it was in God’s hands, I couldn’t help but be nervous.

Travis agreed it was the house for us, and we put in an offer!

However, our realtor told us there was an offer already on the table. I knew I did all that nail biting for a reason. We went to the table with our very best offer — only $900 off the list price — prepared to do battle.

The next morning, we learned that there was no other offer. We also realized that God truly does open doors. We went in with a lower offer and after some brief negotiating (we accepted their first counter offer), we were under contract for our new house. October 26 was our lucky day.

We had an inspection on the house earlier this week, and we now feel even more sure than ever that it is the house for us. The inspection only revealed minor fixes that we can take care of in about an afternoon.

We affectionally call what will (hopefully) be our new home the “big blue house.”

We are scheduled to close in early December. We are really looking forward to enjoying Christmas in the big blue house and being much closer to our family and friends during the holidays.

We’re praying for a smooth transition to a new town and an easy move. Wish us luck!

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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October 30, 2012

House Tour: Downstairs Guest Bedroom

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There’s only one room left on our house tour: the downstairs guest bedroom. I’ve blogged about this room before, but it has only recently been finished.

We purchased the bed about a year or so ago, but it sat without bedding for a long time. When we decided to list the house, I knew I had to finally make the bed.

Most of the bedding was gifted, but I did score a fabulous deal on the Pottery Barn quilt. I purchased it from a consignment store for only $80.

I also scored a DKNY pillow that was originally listed at $115 for only $14.00. Thank you Tuesday Morning! It’s the tiny rectangular pillow in both of the above photos. Does anyone else think it’s crazy to pay $115 for a decorative pillow?

Another challenge to this room was deciding what to place in my old cradle.

My late grandfather made the cradle for me before I was born, so it has great sentimental value to me. My mother-in-law very kindly loaned me Travis’ baby quilt to place in it. It was hand stitched by his grandmother, so it is also hugely sentimental. A stuffed toy helped fill in the negative space in the cradle.

Directly across from the bed is a small gifted dresser with a T.V. atop it from my dorm days and a quilt ladder to its right.

The quilt ladder was a fun DIY project. For a long while this was the only ladder we had. It was so unstable, that I wasn’t allowed to use it for climbing purposes. Last Christmas we were given a new ladder so I disassembled our old one to use for quilt storage.

I think it’s quite charming in a rustic, beat-up sort of way.

Speaking of rustic, beat-up charm, I literally pulled the nightstand from the trash a few months ago.

All it needed was a good cleaning and some furniture polish to spiff it right up. I think it looks really sweet in this room.

I also pulled the art pieces located in this room from the same trash pile.

I researched the prints just for fun to see if the were worth anything, but, alas, no such luck. Even though they were signed, they were still only worth around $7 a piece. I had them framed for about $30/each (if I’m remembering correctly) at Hobby Lobby.

I’ve loved watching this room transform into what it is today. I can’t wait to be able to better use this bed in a future home. As of right now, this room has not seen an overnight guest in three and a half years. This bed has never been slept on, and I can’t wait to remedy that in a new house.

This room is the last on the tour of our current house. I plan on showing you the exterior of our home soon, which will conclude the tour. If you’ve missed any rooms, click here to see each room in its entirety.

Source List:

Bed: Local Discount Furniture Store
Bed Quilt: Pottery Barn Matine Toile Quit in Navy, sadly no longer available in navy
Cradle: Handmade
Dresser: Gifted
Nightstand: Picked from Trash
Art: Picked from Trash, frames from Hobby Lobby

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar (left over from upstairs)

October 23, 2012

House Tour: Downstairs Kitchen and Bathroom

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Welcome back to the tour of our current house! Today I’m showing you the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. I know it seems odd to combine the kitchen and bathroom, but neither room truly deserved its own post.

You may remember that downstairs we have an income suite. We’ve never rented this space, because we’ve always used the living room for multiple purposes. However, the rest of the space has been largely unused.

The kitchen is just to the right the living room. When you walk into the apartment, you can either walk straight into the living room or turn right and go into the kitchen.

The cabinets and countertops are the same as upstairs. These still feature the brassy pulls that were once upstairs too. The appliances came with the house, but they used to live upstairs.

Immediately to the left of the kitchen cabinets are French doors that open to the backyard. They let in a ton of natural light.

Our dogs used to call this room home while we were both at work. Roxy loved looking out the doors, and Izzy enjoyed cuddling on blankets while we were away at work. Now, this room doesn’t serve any purpose for our family.

The only change we made to this space was the paint. I can’t even remember what color it was before, and I don’t have a photo to remind me. The downstairs was an afterthought when it came to paint colors, so we used what we had leftover from upstairs.

This kitchen has a ton of space. I always pictured a renter having plenty of room for a large dining table and a moveable island.

The picture below shows the traffic path for this space.

The door on the right is a small hallway that leads to the downstairs bathroom and bedroom. The door on the left goes into the living room, where you can turn left to exit the apartment.

Directly across from the mirror you see in the above photo is the downstairs bathroom. (The photo below was snagged from the MLS listing for our house.)


Other than paint and a few accessories, this bathroom looks exactly the same as it did when we moved it. We, once again, used leftover paint, and the shower curtain and art are both left over from previous residences.



Dishwasher: Inherited with House
Oven: Inherited with House
Shower Curtain: Target, no longer available
Bathroom Art: Kirkland’s

Paint Colors:

Kitchen: Autumn Fog, Valspar (left over from upstairs)
Bathroom: Green Tea Leaves by Valspar (left over from upstairs hall bath)

If you’ve missed any of the rooms on this tour, click here to see each room in its entirety. Up next on the tour is the last official room in the house!

October 19, 2012

House Tour: Downstairs Living Room

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The tour of our current house is slowly coming to an end. We’ve already seen the entire upstairs, and now we’re moving to the lower level. If you’ve missed any of the posts along the way, click here to see each room.

Our house has a fully functional downstairs apartment with it’s own entrance and living spaces. Today, I’m going to show you the downstairs living room. This room actually sees a bunch of use from us, and it will be difficult to replace in a new home.

We never got around to doing much decorating in this room. In fact, we just settled on this layout right before we listed our house for sale.

I don’t have a true before photo of this room. Imagine it looking something like the before of the main living room upstairs. However, I do have pictures of some of the different layouts we tried.

At one time the room was divided in the middle by the couch (top two photos). As you entered the room, you walked straight into the man cave portion of the room. Behind the sofa was where my crafting space lived on a card table. Oh, those were the glory days.

The bottom photo in the collage represents what I call the chaos period. For a long time, this room was a dump zone. We hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with the rest of the downstairs, so no one ever came down here. The room in this state gave me hives, and I couldn’t stand to spend any time here.

As you noticed in the above photo collage, this room has a multitude of functions. This made finding a cohesive layout difficult. This room is used as:

  • Travis’ Man Cave
  • My Crafting Space
  • A Movie Room, occasionally
  • A Workout Room

In our next house, I would love to have my crafting and office space combined, but we’ll see.

I love my little corner of the room. This desk is long and very functional for my needs. The armoire on the other side of the room houses all of my crafting supplies. I’m looking forward to really organizing it when we move.

I purchased the armoire, which is made from solid wood and is very sturdy, from Craigslist for $100 and then painted it. I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in classic silver. This paint is pretty amazing, and I’m looking forward to using it again. I only used about half of my quart for this project. The color in the above photo is pretty true to life.

Travis has spent many hours on the sofa in this space playing his XBox. For a long time the only function of the room was Man Cave. The sofa is a hand me down from his parents. Its lost most of its softness and the fabric is scratchy. I’m definitely hoping to replace it in our next house, but for the past several years, it’s served my husband pretty well. Plus, it was free!

We only have a handful of rooms left on our house tour. It’s definitely going to be bittersweet to say goodbye to this place.

Source List:

Sofa: Hand Me Down
Desk: IKEA
Armoire: Craigslist
Coffee Table: IKEA, LACK
Side Table: IKEA, LACK

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar (left over from upstairs)

October 17, 2012

Highest Site Traffic To Date

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Yesterday this little blog of mine received the highest traffic it has ever had. Thank you if you were one of my 314 visitors yesterday. I do hope you’ll come back for a visit soon. The photo below was taken at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, October 16.


I realize for a lot of bloggers, 314 site visits isn’t that big of a deal. But it meant the world to me that so many people found their way to this little blog of mine. Thank you, again.

October 15, 2012

Oh-So-Easy Nachos Recipe

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I hesitate to call this a recipe, but these were simply too good not to share!


  • Tortilla Chips (I used Nacho Cheese Doritos for my husband and regular tortilla chips for me.)
  • 1 Pound Ground Turkey
  • 7 Teaspoons of Taco Seasoning
  • Shredded Cheddar
  • Black Beans
  • Pico de Gallo (I used store bought Southwestern blend that had corn and beans in it.)
  • Melting Queso Cheese and Milk, if instructions call for it
  • Half of an Avocado


  1. Brown your ground turkey and drain any excess fat from the pan.
  2. Add seven teaspoons of the taco seasoning (or use one store-bought pack), and a half a cup of water to the cooked turkey. Cook until there is no water left in the pan.
  3. Arrange your tortilla chips on a baking sheet.
  4. Add all of the ingredients to the top of your chips except for the queso cheese, milk (if using) and avocado.
  5. Cook in a 350° oven until all ingredients are heated through and cheddar cheese is melted.
  6. While your nachos are in the oven, melt the queso cheese according the the package instructions. Mine called for breaking the cheese into small chunks and melting in a bit of milk on medium-low heat.
  7. Remove nachos from oven and pour queso cheese over top.
  8. Add avocado slices.
  9. Enjoy!

Travis prefers his nachos with the Doritos and only meat and cheese.

I like my nachos with everything. Yum!

As I already said, I hesitate to even call this a recipe, because you can add any ingredients your little heart desires. Mine desired all of the above with a tall drink of ice water with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. It was delicious! Plus, we had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day, which is always a bonus in my book.

What are your favorite nacho toppings? I’m always on the lookout for new toppings.

I’m linking up to Centsational Girl’s Comfort Food linkup party!

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