November 27, 2012

New Living Room Purchases

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We’ve recently made some large decisions/purchases regarding our future living room, so I whipped a little mood board to show you!

When we had the new house inspected  a few weeks ago, we were sure to grab each room’s measurements. We knew we’d need some new living room furniture, and we also wanted to ensure the majority of our already-owned furniture would fit into the new space with ease.

Without further ado, our new living room:

  1. Cindy Crawford Home Grandview Loft Linen Sofa from Rooms to Go in Gray
  2. Garland Four-Piece Black Wall Unit from Rooms to Go
  3. Cindy Crawford Home Grandview Loft Accent Chair from Rooms to Go
  4. Hand-tufted Silver Cosmopolitan Rug ordered from
  5. Two Cecily Place Lamps from Rooms to Go
  6. Tinsley Three-Piece Table Set from Rooms to Go (not pictured: two end tables)

I’m usually not one to buy so many pieces from one place. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many matching pieces of furniture in any room in our first home. We did a lot of searching—both in store and online—and we just kept coming back to this sofa and accent chair.

We were originally going to try to find a different set of tables, but it ended up being less expensive to do a package deal. We bought the sofa, two lamps, the table set and the accent chair in a package deal. It ended up being quite affordable, which makes us feel better about buying so much at one place. Here’s hoping it won’t be too matchy-matchy.

I should also mention that we wouldn’t have purchased the new furniture if it wasn’t needed. Our current living room set up would not work in the new house due to space, functionality and wear and tear. Don’t worry; those pieces will find new places to call home soon. We’re hoping to use all of the furniture we already own in the new house.

I think in a few weeks when we’re up to our eyeballs in new paint choices and Christmas prep, we’ll be very glad we bit the bullet and ordered new furniture in advance. We’ve already got the rug, and the rest of the pieces will be delivered a week after we close.

Want to know more about our new house? Click here to see what I’m dreaming up for our future dining room.


November 16, 2012

A Comparison of Rooms by Textiles

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I’m kind of in love with Sarah Richardson lately. I DVR all of her shows on HGTV and often peruse her website for fun. I find her work so inspiring and fun.

The one thing that always stands out to me in her designs is her use of textiles. In fact, she suggests using 10 to 14 textiles per room. Sarah uses the textiles in larger pieces such as bedding, upholstered furniture and curtains, but she also uses textiles in small accent pieces like decorative pillows and blankets. Add them all up, and you’ve got a interesting and comfortable space.

All of this textile talk begins to make a girl wonder.

“Self,” I thought to myself, “how many textiles do I have in the rooms of my current house?”

“Not nearly enough,” I thought to myself.

(What? You don’t talk to yourself?)

This thought pattern led me to realize that some of the rooms I love most in our home have more textiles than others. For instance, I adore our office but find our living room to be drab and boring.

Textiles in our living room: 5-ish

Textiles in our office: 8 to 10

When we bought our house, I thought by keeping our living room simple it would make the seasonal decor I add throughout the year really shine. While this approach generally works during Christmas, it just hasn’t worked for me the rest of the time we’ve been here.

Instead, it’s made our living room feel bland and blah. The good news is that it made it easy to depersonalize when we decided to sell our house, but I’ve never felt like it was a welcoming space.

In our future home, I really hope to use Ms. Richardson’s advice and add liveliness to our spaces through the use of textiles. However, real life isn’t like a television show, so I’ll be approaching this little by little over the course of several years I’m sure.

After all, it’s not about the destination but rather the journey…. Right?

November 9, 2012

Dining Room Dreaming

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I’ve always wanted a dining room. When we bought our first house, it was on the wish list, but it wasn’t meant to be. I made the most of what we did have, though.

Happily our next house (assuming all goes well during the next month and we close) will have a dining room! Hooray!

I’ve been spending a lot of time dreaming of what our future dining room will look like, so I put together a little mood board to show you what I’ve been thinking.

I’m pretty much madly in love with the wallpaper (top right). I’ve never hung wallpaper, but I’m excited to try it. I’d like to hang it above the chair rail and then paint below. Paint color is to be determined.

I’d like to use pops of blue to break up the rest of the neutrals in the room. I’m loving these curtains (top right) because they’re light and breezy. They won’t block sunlight, but they’ll still provide a bit of color. And at $14.97 a panel, if I get tired of them it won’t be a huge financial burden to change.

I think this buffet (bottom right) is gorgeous. It has lovely raised details, nice legs and pretty glass knobs. Plus it’s solid wood. I just may need to convince the husband we need to purchase this piece before the move.

I really love the antique silver chandelier. It’s also not a huge financial commitment costing only $159 at Lowe’s. I think it would add some character to the room, plus it should fill the space nicely. It would look really pretty with a ceiling medallion, too.

The apothecary jars are also from Lowe’s. I’m sure I probably have some white decor I can use, but I’m really digging these.

I think this is a pretty good starting point for the dining room. It’s neutral enough so that I can layer different decor throughout the year. I also think it will work with with the furniture we already own. I’ve still got to get Travis to sign on with my ideas for this room, but I think he’ll like it just as much as I do.

October 30, 2012

House Tour: Downstairs Guest Bedroom

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There’s only one room left on our house tour: the downstairs guest bedroom. I’ve blogged about this room before, but it has only recently been finished.

We purchased the bed about a year or so ago, but it sat without bedding for a long time. When we decided to list the house, I knew I had to finally make the bed.

Most of the bedding was gifted, but I did score a fabulous deal on the Pottery Barn quilt. I purchased it from a consignment store for only $80.

I also scored a DKNY pillow that was originally listed at $115 for only $14.00. Thank you Tuesday Morning! It’s the tiny rectangular pillow in both of the above photos. Does anyone else think it’s crazy to pay $115 for a decorative pillow?

Another challenge to this room was deciding what to place in my old cradle.

My late grandfather made the cradle for me before I was born, so it has great sentimental value to me. My mother-in-law very kindly loaned me Travis’ baby quilt to place in it. It was hand stitched by his grandmother, so it is also hugely sentimental. A stuffed toy helped fill in the negative space in the cradle.

Directly across from the bed is a small gifted dresser with a T.V. atop it from my dorm days and a quilt ladder to its right.

The quilt ladder was a fun DIY project. For a long while this was the only ladder we had. It was so unstable, that I wasn’t allowed to use it for climbing purposes. Last Christmas we were given a new ladder so I disassembled our old one to use for quilt storage.

I think it’s quite charming in a rustic, beat-up sort of way.

Speaking of rustic, beat-up charm, I literally pulled the nightstand from the trash a few months ago.

All it needed was a good cleaning and some furniture polish to spiff it right up. I think it looks really sweet in this room.

I also pulled the art pieces located in this room from the same trash pile.

I researched the prints just for fun to see if the were worth anything, but, alas, no such luck. Even though they were signed, they were still only worth around $7 a piece. I had them framed for about $30/each (if I’m remembering correctly) at Hobby Lobby.

I’ve loved watching this room transform into what it is today. I can’t wait to be able to better use this bed in a future home. As of right now, this room has not seen an overnight guest in three and a half years. This bed has never been slept on, and I can’t wait to remedy that in a new house.

This room is the last on the tour of our current house. I plan on showing you the exterior of our home soon, which will conclude the tour. If you’ve missed any rooms, click here to see each room in its entirety.

Source List:

Bed: Local Discount Furniture Store
Bed Quilt: Pottery Barn Matine Toile Quit in Navy, sadly no longer available in navy
Cradle: Handmade
Dresser: Gifted
Nightstand: Picked from Trash
Art: Picked from Trash, frames from Hobby Lobby

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar (left over from upstairs)

October 5, 2012

House Tour: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

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I love our master bedroom. I do. It’s just the right size. It let’s in just the right amount of natural light. It’s completely comfortable. And it’s us. If any room in our house is us, I think it’s this one.

We’ve spent years collecting different pieces of furniture for this room. Isn’t it funny how your own space (in this case, the master bedroom) is at the end of the to-do list?

Did you notice the lampshades we recovered last year? They’re still one of my favorite projects to date.

Our bed is a massive California King. It’s funny because I’m 5’1, and my husband claims to be 5’9. I don’t think he’s actually that tall. In case you’re wondering, a California King is the longest bed you can buy.

It’s a long story. Before we were married, we were shopping in a small mall, which had a Bombay & Co. outlet. I fell in love with the bed frame, which we were told was a queen. The footboard was brown, but the headboard was black. So, in short, we scored such a fantastic deal on it that we had to have it. It sat in my in-laws basement for months waiting on us to be married. This was very convenient for me, because my mother-in-law stained the footboard black because she got tired of looking at the mismatched pieces. I told you it was a long story.

We recently purchased a Sleep Number mattress for this bed, so I suppose we’re stuck with a California King for the next 20 years. And, yes, the Sleep Number is magical. Travis’ sleep number is 35. Mine is sometimes 50 and sometimes 40. I’m indecisive like that.

The one thing I don’t like about this room is the closet.

think the photo above should speak for itself, but in case it doesn’t, this closet is teeny tiny. Originally this closet was only mine, but once we listed the house for sale, we downsized our wardrobes considerably to fit in into this one teeny tiny closet in order to make it appear like this house has ample storage.

Moving on…

This is my viewpoint from my side of the bed. You’ll notice the DIY paint chip art above the chest of drawers on the right. I just love it there. We only recently mounted the television, and it’s great to finally have it off of the furniture.

The doorway between the chests obviously leads to the master bathroom.

We thought long and hard about converting the tub into a shower, but, in the end, it just didn’t make sense. We’ve done virtually nothing to this space other than paint it and add some hardware and accessories. It’s not my most favorite room, but it’s sufficient.

The tour of the master bedroom and bathroom wraps up the main level of our home. Next, we’ll move into the downstairs apartment. If you’ve missed any of the tour, click here to go to a full listing of each room.

Source List:

Bed Frame: Bombay & Co.
Mattress: Sleep Number m7 bed
Nightstands: IKEA RAST 3-Drawer Chest, stained black
Tall Chest of Drawers: Ashley Furniture (The link is very similar to the chest we own.)
Short Chest of Drawers: IKEA HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest
Bedding: Macy’s, gifted
Artwork: Kirkland’s

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar

Update: I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Show Us Your Bedrooms party.

October 3, 2012

House Tour: Hall Bathroom

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The bathroom in the upstairs hallway may have a tiny footprint, but, trust me, it’s seen it’s fair share of traffic. Since this bathroom possesses the only shower on the main level, we often find ourselves sharing it with our guests.

When we purchased the house, this room wasn’t in terrible shape. It was filthy, yes, but other than that it just needed a bit of sprucing.

This room received a few updates when we moved in, but it hasn’t seen much change over the past few years. We painted the room a soft green, hung a mirror, changed the light fixture, added accessories and called it done.

I’ve had this shower curtain since my college days. It was actually a gift from my step-mother when I moved into my first apartment by myself. You see, my previous roommate had been responsible for decorating our shared bathroom, so I never needed to make any bathroom-related purchases. Since then, this curtain and a few other bath accessories have followed me to different cities and apartments to finally land here in my first home.

Is it silly to be sentimental about a shower curtain?

The decorative towels were added once we listed our house on the market. There were just a couple of other quick changes made to the space (including switching out a black bath mat for a white one) before we listed it.

The powder room sign was a yard sale find. For $3, I don’t think you can beat the touch of glamor it adds to the space. Plus the mirrored finish helps bounce around light in this windowless room. In its place before was a shelf that stored all of our towels. In an effort to make the house seem like it had ample amounts of storage, we moved the towels to a new location just across the hall to a small linen closet.

The vanity was in excellent condition when we purchased the house, so we didn’t have to make any updates other than changing out the brass pulls for some oil rubbed bronze pulls. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of oiled rubbed bronze, and this room was the perfect guinea pig space for me to learn this.

This room had a standard, builders-grade mirror in it when we purchased the house, which would have been fine except it was damaged beyond repair. A quick switch totally updated the space.

This little room has seen its fair share of action, but it probably won’t be missed. In our future home we would love to have a shower in the master bathroom. Plus, a bigger guest bathroom wouldn’t be a bad thing either. All in all, though, this room has served us well and met all of our needs.

There’s only two more rooms on the main floor of our home left: the master bedroom and bathroom. I hope you’ll join me as I continue the trek down memory lane.

Source List:

Mirror: Kirkland’s
Light Fixture: Walmart
Shower Curtain: Gifted
Bath Mat: Kohls
Bath Towels: JC Penny’s, Linden Street™ Striped Quick-Dri Towels
Soap Dish: Francesca’s Collections

Paint Color:

Green Tea Leaves by Valspar

I just created a new page that lists the entire house tour. If you’ve missed any of the previous rooms, you can click on over there to check them all out. Hooray!

September 27, 2012

House Tour: Guest Bedroom

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Welcome back to the tour of our current house! We’re hoping to sell our house this year, so a blog tour of each room seemed like a good way to remember our first home. We’ve already toured the living room, the eat-in kitchen and the office. Next up is the upstairs guest bedroom.

Many guests have enjoyed staying in this bedroom, which makes me feel like we did a pretty good job making it comfortable and inviting for our out-of-town friends and family.

The furniture is from a set I had at my Dad’s house growing up. It was my teenage bedroom suite — after my bunk-bed phase — that my Dad and step-mother surprised me with one year for Christmas. Needless to say, this furniture means a great deal to me. I’ve always loved it.

When we purchased our home, this room was very, very blue and very, very dirty.

We added the chair rail trim and gave the walls and ceiling some fresh paint. You’ll also notice the state of the floors when we bought the house in the photo above. Carpet was the best choice for us then, and we’re still loving it. I think the room is much improved.

One of the simplest updates we made to this room was removing the hanging string used to pull down the stairs to the attic. We replaced it with a wooden knob painted white. I think it really helped make the attic entrance disappear.

The drapery panels were a lucky find a few years ago. I scored them at Lowe’s for $3 each!

It took me a long time to realize why they worked so well in the room. My (then) 16-year-old cousin pointed out that the color of the damask pattern was nearly an identical match to the upper wall color. Is it just me, or are 16-year-olds smarter than they used to be?

In the interest of keeping it real, I’ll go ahead and show you what the interior of the closet in this room looks like now.

Yep, that’s it! At one time, this closet was jam packed with some of Travis’ clothes and a shelf he built for some of my dish overflow from the kitchen. (For the record, he has way more clothes than I do.) Once we decided to try to sell our home, we decluttered and put a bunch of stuff in storage. I’m hoping we’ll be able to pare down what’s in storage and get rid of some stuff when we move. I might even be able to part with some of my beloved dishes, but I doubt it. Just typing that sentence made me sad.

There are a couple of art pieces with this room that I’m pretty fond of. The first hangs outside in the hall. It’s the last thing our guests see before entering their room for the night. (It’s also the last thing we see before entering our room every night, too!)

Isn’t it fun? It was a Christmas gift from my Mom a few years ago.The door to the guest bedroom is just to the right of this fun little piece of art. It’s actually the only artwork in the hallway that leads to all of the bedrooms upstairs. The hall is painted the same color as the living room and kitchen, in case you were wondering.

My other favorite art piece is inside the guest room.

My in-laws bought me this adorable Michael Sowa Diving Pig print one year for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.My husband is on the other side of the fence and thinks I’m a bit crazy for loving this pig so much. He just doesn’t understand. 😉

Quick tip: In lui of using a bed skirt, I simply bought the quilt a size up. It just barely skims the floor — eliminating the need for a bed skirt — and looks lovely. Plus, guests are able to double it over if they get cold during the night, which has actually been known to happen. I suppose this room is just extra cold during the winter months.

Since we’re still waiting for our home to sell, I’m sure we’ll be able to have many more guests stay with us in this room before we leave. We love entertaining and having overnight guests, and this room as served us — and our guests — well for nearly four years.

Source List:

Furniture: Gifted many, many years ago
Drapes: Lowe’s, allen + roth, sadly no longer available
Quilt: Belk, also no longer available
Framed Michael Sowa Diving Pig Art: Kirklands, no longer available. However, this can easily be found online.
Hallway Art, gifted

Paint Colors:

Above the chair rail:  Cliveden Gray Morning by Valspar
Below the chair rail: Somkey Olive by Valspar

Update: A new page has been added that lists the entire house tour. To see the entire house tour, click here. I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Sow Us Your Bedroom party.

September 23, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Art

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I’ve been on the paint chip art bandwagon for awhile now. In fact, I actually made this piece of art back in April of 2011. I just never shared it. Oops!

You see, I actually worked on this during a week when we didn’t have power following a line of tornadoes that moved through our area. We were very fortunate, but many in our community were not. It was a scary time for us, and I suppose that’s why I never shared this project that was completed during the few hours of daylight we had every day after work.

Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way, on with the crafting!

I used four different paint chip colors from Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra line. On a side note, I have used this paint on a piece of furniture I refinished and loved it!

The colors are: (clockwise) pencil point, ozone, burnished clay and elephant skin.

I chose the colors for their fantastic shape and how well they tie in with the colors in my home. Elephant skin is a close match to the paint color used in my living room and kitchen, and ozone is very similar to the color in my master bedroom and bathroom.

All I did was decide on a pattern and use double-stick tape to keep it all together. Voila! Instant, free art! The frame itself is rather large (33 ½ x 27 ½), but I love the visual impact it has on the wall.

All in all, I’d say this is any easy project for any DIY-er looking to add visual interest to a blank wall.

September 21, 2012

House Tour: The Office

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Welcome back to the tour of our current abode! We recently decided to try to sell our house, so I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane by revisiting each room in our current home. We’ve already toured the living room and our eat-in kitchen. Up next is the office, which is actually one of three bedrooms on the main floor.

When we bought the house back in 2009, this room was sporting bright blue paint on the walls, a damaged (in more ways than one) ceiling fan, and a fancy water stain on the ceiling. Very nice!

A quick repair to the roof fixed a leak leaving us able to patch the ceiling and repaint. Did I mention that every single ceiling in this house had to be painted before we could move in? Luckily, this was the only one with water damage, but the rest were just plain gross.

Today, this angle of the room room looks way better.

The “new” ceiling fan was originally in the master bedroom. We actually lived with the old fan (which didn’t even work) in this room until about a year ago when we decided to upgrade the lighting in our bedroom.

Our office serves a dual purpose. It is first and foremost an office, but it can also function as a guest room in a pinch thanks to a futon.

The futon is extremely comfortable. We should know since we spent our first two weeks in this house sleeping on it. Travis’ parents slept on our bed during the first couple of weeks in the new house. They graciously offered to move in for a few weeks and help us renovate. The very least we could do was make sure they had a decent place to sleep.

Above the futon is a frame collage that I absolutely adore.

Most of the art was either free (see source list below) or DIY. A few of the frames were depersonalized once we decided to try to list our house for sell. Below is a collage of some of the original art that was switched out. Please excuse the extremely poor photo quality as these were taken on my then phone a few years back.

The “art” shown above includes a favorite bible verse, a couple of our engagement pictures surrounding our last name’s initial, and our wedding vows via Wordle. Some other DIY art that made the cut and was able to stay in the room: a map of our current city and a DIY letter/number project.

The other side of the room contains all of the office functions.

This is the spot where I blog, pay bills, shop online and occasionally pick up some freelance work. I painted the wall behind the desk a cheery green. I once had an office with green walls, and I found it so energizing and refreshing that I decided to bring the concept home. The rest of the walls are painted a muted color, but there are pops of green throughout the room in the artwork and pillows to tie it all together.

The bookshelf was also depersonalized once we made the decision to list our house for sale, but I really like how it’s turned out. Pretty on the top and functional on the bottom. The box on the second shelf from the top holds our wedding mementos; you know, the sprig of crystals from my bouquet, extra invitations and programs, a candle that burned during our reception, etc. I would love to eventually stack another box on top to squeeze even more hidden storage into this shelf. The books on the top shelf are all from McKay. I don’t think any one of them cost more than $2 or $3, and several were less than $1. And, again, all the art is either free or DIY.

The only item hanging on my green wall is a DIY French memo board. (Sorry there’s no tutorial for this project, but there are tons online!) The ribbon is velvet which ties in to the black velvet design on the fabric. This is one of my DIY projects that I’m most proud of. It’s nothing too fancy, but everything came together beautifully. You may have noticed that this fabric was also carried over to the bottom of the drapery panels framing the window. Of course, this board was once full of personal mementos and photographs, but it has been depersonalized. I actually think I like it better this way!

In the interest of keeping it real, behold the interior of the office closet.

At one time, this closet housed all of Travis’ work clothes and was quite full. Now it merely holds extra paper and luggage along with a couple of other miscellaneous items.

I love this room. Every detail came together beautifully to create a pretty and functional room for our family. It will be important that our next house also have a functional (and pretty) office space, because I’m planning to pursue more freelance work opportunities in the near future.

Free Art Source List:

I’ve listed below a few of my favorite sources for free art. I’m always adding more to my Pinterest Board “Printables,” so be sure to follow me there for new free printable art and other printables.

Room Source List:

Desk: Walmart, Better Homes and Garden Autumn Lane Writing Desk
Book Shelf: Walmart, South Shore Gascony Collection
Side Table: IKEA, LACK
Futon: Walmart, Mainstays Mission Wood Arm Futon (This is similar to the futon we have)
Computer: iMac
Printer: Amazon, HP Photosmart 6510 All-In-One Printer
Frames for Collage: Michales,
Lamps: HomeGoods
Pillows: HomeGoods, Walmart, Hobby Lobby

Paint Colors:

Main Room Color: Khaki Shade by Sherwin Williams
Accent Wall: This was an oops can of paint. The brand is Valspar, but I couldn’t find any identifying markings to know what the paint color is. Sorry! It reminds me of a granny smith apple in person, if that helps at all.

We still have a lot more rooms on the tour of our current house. I hope you’ll join me as I continue showing you the home we have loved for the past three and a half years.

Update: A new page has been added that lists the entire house tour. To see the entire house tour, click here.

September 13, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

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Lately my BFF has introduced me to the word of shopping at yard sales. I’m no stranger to hosting yard sales, so it’s been very interesting to see things from another perspective.

My family and I always have at least one yard sale every year, so I came to the game knowing a few tricks of the trade that I was able to apply to shopping yard sales. My self-imposed rules are pretty straight forward when it comes to shopping at yard sales.

  1. Only shop at yard sales in good areas of town. Duh.
  2.  Don’t buy clothes if they are soiled, full of holes, or something you’ll never wear.
  3. If someone has taken the time to arrange things neatly, show some respect and don’t make a mess.
  4. Don’t buy something that cannot be repaired or cleaned.
  5. Just because it’s only a quarter, doesn’t mean you need it. Only buy things you need.

I returned home from my latest yard sale shopping adventure with a pretty good haul, if I do say so myself.

All of the clothes above were only 25¢. Moving clockwise in the top left corner, is a Duck Head shirt I bought for Travis. He’s really in to short sleeve, button-up shirts right now. Next is a New Directions shirt for me. It’s a little too big, but big, slouchy shirts seem to still be in style at the moment, so I’m ok with it. Plus, it’s super comfortable. The pale pink shirt is by Elle and is one of my current favorite shirts to wear. I actually wore it just this week on a fun date with the husband. The last shirt is a super cute cardigan from American Eagle. It has a really fun glitter stripe that runs through it. I can’t wait for cooler weather to finally arrive so I can break this out of the closet! I also bought my Dad a shirt (not pictured) for $2 to replace an identical one he already owns that was falling apart.

I found the Christmas items above at an estate sale. The baskets were only a quarter each, and I think they’ll be great for Christmas gift baskets full of homemade goodies. The crocheted angel was a special find. It’s obvious that she was carefully hand crafted. I’m toying with the idea of spraying her white, but I’m just not sure I want to take away from her original beauty. Even if I leave her as is, it was still a dollar well spent.

My next great finds came from across town. I love milk glass, but, unfortunately, I only have three pieces including the two above. The seller originally wanted $2 a piece for these, but when I put them down to walk away, she reduced the price to $1. I probably would have paid $2, but I couldn’t walk away from them at only $1 each. I can’t wait to decorate with them. I see so many possibilities for these beauties.

My last big find of the day was a Kate Spade purse! It was a bit of a yard sale splurge at $8, but its like-new condition convinced me to take it home. It had a knock-off wallet with it, but I plan to either donate it or sale it in my next yard sale.

I’m not entirely convinced the purse is an original, but the weight and details lead me to believe it’s the real deal.

Even if it’s not an original, I still love it, which makes it money well spent in my book. Plus, if I later decide I don’t like it anymore, I can always resale it at a yard sale for at least what I paid for it. Win, Win.

All totaled, I only spent $14.75. I daresay it would have cost considerably more to have purchased all of these items brand new. Plus, driving around with my bestie early Saturday morning with Starbucks drink in hand is always a fun way to spend the morning. I’m already looking forward to our next yard sale shopping adventure!

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