December 5, 2012

The Closing That Wasn’t

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I woke up early Friday, Nov. 30, and began preparing our home for the new buyer. All the necessities that had been left needed to be packed. Every room needed to be vacuumed or swept clean. The bathrooms needed scrubbing. Travis came home early from work to load the items I had packed that morning and disassemble our Sleep Number bed.

We were so excited, so ready to close that door (literally) in our lives and open a new one.

And then the phone rang, and the deal was off. Maybe temporarily. Maybe permanently. We didn’t know, so we did the only thing that made sense: we continued emptying and cleaning our first home.

Packing the Kitchen

The water had already been shut off, and we had no way to connect to the internet — a necessity when you work from home. We had to leave whether we closed on the house that day or not.

We left our empty home not knowing when or if we would see it again and made the drive to my father’s. The weekend came and went. We would have to wait until Monday to learn if we could close.

We got the bad news Monday. We can’t close on our first home until after Christmas, which means we can’t close on our new home either.

I won’t go into the specifics of what happened. It’s really not important in the grand scheme of things. We’ve got some options, so we’ll be be looking into those this week.

In the meantime, we’re calling my father’s house home. We’re so blessed that he and my step-mother invited us back home for this time in our lives. They welcomed us with open arms and even said I could set up my Christmas tree in their living room this year.

I’m sure I’ll find plenty to blog about during the next month; just maybe not what I’d originally intended to write about. We’ll hopefully be in our new house before the new year, and I’ll happily blog about it as soon as we arrive.


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