November 27, 2012

New Living Room Purchases

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We’ve recently made some large decisions/purchases regarding our future living room, so I whipped a little mood board to show you!

When we had the new house inspected  a few weeks ago, we were sure to grab each room’s measurements. We knew we’d need some new living room furniture, and we also wanted to ensure the majority of our already-owned furniture would fit into the new space with ease.

Without further ado, our new living room:

  1. Cindy Crawford Home Grandview Loft Linen Sofa from Rooms to Go in Gray
  2. Garland Four-Piece Black Wall Unit from Rooms to Go
  3. Cindy Crawford Home Grandview Loft Accent Chair from Rooms to Go
  4. Hand-tufted Silver Cosmopolitan Rug ordered from
  5. Two Cecily Place Lamps from Rooms to Go
  6. Tinsley Three-Piece Table Set from Rooms to Go (not pictured: two end tables)

I’m usually not one to buy so many pieces from one place. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many matching pieces of furniture in any room in our first home. We did a lot of searching—both in store and online—and we just kept coming back to this sofa and accent chair.

We were originally going to try to find a different set of tables, but it ended up being less expensive to do a package deal. We bought the sofa, two lamps, the table set and the accent chair in a package deal. It ended up being quite affordable, which makes us feel better about buying so much at one place. Here’s hoping it won’t be too matchy-matchy.

I should also mention that we wouldn’t have purchased the new furniture if it wasn’t needed. Our current living room set up would not work in the new house due to space, functionality and wear and tear. Don’t worry; those pieces will find new places to call home soon. We’re hoping to use all of the furniture we already own in the new house.

I think in a few weeks when we’re up to our eyeballs in new paint choices and Christmas prep, we’ll be very glad we bit the bullet and ordered new furniture in advance. We’ve already got the rug, and the rest of the pieces will be delivered a week after we close.

Want to know more about our new house? Click here to see what I’m dreaming up for our future dining room.



  1. brandy barnes said,

    I just bought the same set from rooms to go. Interested in seeing how others decorated the space around this furniture. Please post pictures of it when youj get a chance I would love to see!! 🙂

    • I will definitely post pictures! Has your new furniture been delivered yet? Ours won’t be here for a couple more weeks, and I am counting down the days! Lol.

  2. brandy said,

    hey girl. i haven’t gotten my furniture yet either. suppose to be here sat. can not wait! you see seem to have alot of the same taste in design as me. can’t wait to decorate around this new set. i love black and white, so i figured this would be perfect! what is your vision for your space where your new set will go? thanks for writting back 🙂

    • I am so excited about decorating around this new furniture, too! I’d really like to add a lot of metallic accents. I think a deep plum would be a pretty accent color, but I’m fairly certain my husband will veto that color choice. Haha! Who knows where I’ll end up! I’m fairly certain that I’m going to paint the walls a shade of gray, but that could change once we get into our new space. You have to let me know how much you love the furniture when it is delivered!

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