November 9, 2012

Dining Room Dreaming

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I’ve always wanted a dining room. When we bought our first house, it was on the wish list, but it wasn’t meant to be. I made the most of what we did have, though.

Happily our next house (assuming all goes well during the next month and we close) will have a dining room! Hooray!

I’ve been spending a lot of time dreaming of what our future dining room will look like, so I put together a little mood board to show you what I’ve been thinking.

I’m pretty much madly in love with the wallpaper (top right). I’ve never hung wallpaper, but I’m excited to try it. I’d like to hang it above the chair rail and then paint below. Paint color is to be determined.

I’d like to use pops of blue to break up the rest of the neutrals in the room. I’m loving these curtains (top right) because they’re light and breezy. They won’t block sunlight, but they’ll still provide a bit of color. And at $14.97 a panel, if I get tired of them it won’t be a huge financial burden to change.

I think this buffet (bottom right) is gorgeous. It has lovely raised details, nice legs and pretty glass knobs. Plus it’s solid wood. I just may need to convince the husband we need to purchase this piece before the move.

I really love the antique silver chandelier. It’s also not a huge financial commitment costing only $159 at Lowe’s. I think it would add some character to the room, plus it should fill the space nicely. It would look really pretty with a ceiling medallion, too.

The apothecary jars are also from Lowe’s. I’m sure I probably have some white decor I can use, but I’m really digging these.

I think this is a pretty good starting point for the dining room. It’s neutral enough so that I can layer different decor throughout the year. I also think it will work with with the furniture we already own. I’ve still got to get Travis to sign on with my ideas for this room, but I think he’ll like it just as much as I do.


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