November 7, 2012

A Moving Binder

Posted in Getting Organized, Moving tagged , , at 8:13 am by BetweenWeekdays

We have to be out of our house November 30, so I’ve got a busy month ahead of me.

I’ve been doing tons of research on how to organize my move, and decided to create a moving binder to keep all the papers and information I’ll need during the next month in one place. So far in the binder I have:

  • A November calendar to keep up in important dates
  • A zippered pouch to hold business cards, pencils, a calculator, etc.
  • Blank paper to list important details
  • An incoming mail log to ensure everyone who sends us mail has our new address
  • A list of the shows we DVR
  • A log of companies I need to call to change our address
  • A list of services to cancel (utilities, trash, etc.)
  • Weekly to-do lists beginning with this week
  • Sheet protectors for papers we need to keep up with

I found a free printable cover for the binder, and I think it makes it look super cute, which means I’m more likely to tote it around with me and use it.

We are so excited about our move, and now I’m even more excited because I know that I’ll stay super organized and on top of my growing to-do lists for the month.

To see some of the other moving resources I’ve found lately, check out my moving board on Pinterest.


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