November 2, 2012

I Have Some Big News to Share

Posted in Moving at 8:19 am by BetweenWeekdays

Our house is officially under contract! We received an offer October 17, and after some brief negotiations, we were officially under contract the next day. It was a whirlwind of paperwork, emails and phone calls, but we’re blessed that we were able to accept an offer on our home that we feel really good about.

It was only after we were under contract that we realized we had to find someplace to move. With only about six weeks until we had to be out of our house, we knew we had to get busy house hunting.

Luckily, we had already looked at most of the properties for sale in our future town, so we knew where to start. Travis was busy working out of town, so I looked at the most recent listings that had come on the market. I was able to narrow the house hunt down to four potential houses after looking at all the listings online. Of the four, I found what I thought was the house, but I had to get Travis to sign off on it.

It took a week for him to come back from working out of town and see the house. I spent the week biting my nails and hoping no one made an offer before we could. While I knew it was in God’s hands, I couldn’t help but be nervous.

Travis agreed it was the house for us, and we put in an offer!

However, our realtor told us there was an offer already on the table. I knew I did all that nail biting for a reason. We went to the table with our very best offer — only $900 off the list price — prepared to do battle.

The next morning, we learned that there was no other offer. We also realized that God truly does open doors. We went in with a lower offer and after some brief negotiating (we accepted their first counter offer), we were under contract for our new house. October 26 was our lucky day.

We had an inspection on the house earlier this week, and we now feel even more sure than ever that it is the house for us. The inspection only revealed minor fixes that we can take care of in about an afternoon.

We affectionally call what will (hopefully) be our new home the “big blue house.”

We are scheduled to close in early December. We are really looking forward to enjoying Christmas in the big blue house and being much closer to our family and friends during the holidays.

We’re praying for a smooth transition to a new town and an easy move. Wish us luck!


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