October 23, 2012

House Tour: Downstairs Kitchen and Bathroom

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Welcome back to the tour of our current house! Today I’m showing you the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. I know it seems odd to combine the kitchen and bathroom, but neither room truly deserved its own post.

You may remember that downstairs we have an income suite. We’ve never rented this space, because we’ve always used the living room for multiple purposes. However, the rest of the space has been largely unused.

The kitchen is just to the right the living room. When you walk into the apartment, you can either walk straight into the living room or turn right and go into the kitchen.

The cabinets and countertops are the same as upstairs. These still feature the brassy pulls that were once upstairs too. The appliances came with the house, but they used to live upstairs.

Immediately to the left of the kitchen cabinets are French doors that open to the backyard. They let in a ton of natural light.

Our dogs used to call this room home while we were both at work. Roxy loved looking out the doors, and Izzy enjoyed cuddling on blankets while we were away at work. Now, this room doesn’t serve any purpose for our family.

The only change we made to this space was the paint. I can’t even remember what color it was before, and I don’t have a photo to remind me. The downstairs was an afterthought when it came to paint colors, so we used what we had leftover from upstairs.

This kitchen has a ton of space. I always pictured a renter having plenty of room for a large dining table and a moveable island.

The picture below shows the traffic path for this space.

The door on the right is a small hallway that leads to the downstairs bathroom and bedroom. The door on the left goes into the living room, where you can turn left to exit the apartment.

Directly across from the mirror you see in the above photo is the downstairs bathroom. (The photo below was snagged from the MLS listing for our house.)


Other than paint and a few accessories, this bathroom looks exactly the same as it did when we moved it. We, once again, used leftover paint, and the shower curtain and art are both left over from previous residences.



Dishwasher: Inherited with House
Oven: Inherited with House
Shower Curtain: Target, no longer available
Bathroom Art: Kirkland’s

Paint Colors:

Kitchen: Autumn Fog, Valspar (left over from upstairs)
Bathroom: Green Tea Leaves by Valspar (left over from upstairs hall bath)

If you’ve missed any of the rooms on this tour, click here to see each room in its entirety. Up next on the tour is the last official room in the house!


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