October 3, 2012

House Tour: Hall Bathroom

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The bathroom in the upstairs hallway may have a tiny footprint, but, trust me, it’s seen it’s fair share of traffic. Since this bathroom possesses the only shower on the main level, we often find ourselves sharing it with our guests.

When we purchased the house, this room wasn’t in terrible shape. It was filthy, yes, but other than that it just needed a bit of sprucing.

This room received a few updates when we moved in, but it hasn’t seen much change over the past few years. We painted the room a soft green, hung a mirror, changed the light fixture, added accessories and called it done.

I’ve had this shower curtain since my college days. It was actually a gift from my step-mother when I moved into my first apartment by myself. You see, my previous roommate had been responsible for decorating our shared bathroom, so I never needed to make any bathroom-related purchases. Since then, this curtain and a few other bath accessories have followed me to different cities and apartments to finally land here in my first home.

Is it silly to be sentimental about a shower curtain?

The decorative towels were added once we listed our house on the market. There were just a couple of other quick changes made to the space (including switching out a black bath mat for a white one) before we listed it.

The powder room sign was a yard sale find. For $3, I don’t think you can beat the touch of glamor it adds to the space. Plus the mirrored finish helps bounce around light in this windowless room. In its place before was a shelf that stored all of our towels. In an effort to make the house seem like it had ample amounts of storage, we moved the towels to a new location just across the hall to a small linen closet.

The vanity was in excellent condition when we purchased the house, so we didn’t have to make any updates other than changing out the brass pulls for some oil rubbed bronze pulls. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of oiled rubbed bronze, and this room was the perfect guinea pig space for me to learn this.

This room had a standard, builders-grade mirror in it when we purchased the house, which would have been fine except it was damaged beyond repair. A quick switch totally updated the space.

This little room has seen its fair share of action, but it probably won’t be missed. In our future home we would love to have a shower in the master bathroom. Plus, a bigger guest bathroom wouldn’t be a bad thing either. All in all, though, this room has served us well and met all of our needs.

There’s only two more rooms on the main floor of our home left: the master bedroom and bathroom. I hope you’ll join me as I continue the trek down memory lane.

Source List:

Mirror: Kirkland’s
Light Fixture: Walmart
Shower Curtain: Gifted
Bath Mat: Kohls
Bath Towels: JC Penny’s, Linden Street™ Striped Quick-Dri Towels
Soap Dish: Francesca’s Collections

Paint Color:

Green Tea Leaves by Valspar

I just created a new page that lists the entire house tour. If you’ve missed any of the previous rooms, you can click on over there to check them all out. Hooray!


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