September 27, 2012

House Tour: Guest Bedroom

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Welcome back to the tour of our current house! We’re hoping to sell our house this year, so a blog tour of each room seemed like a good way to remember our first home. We’ve already toured the living room, the eat-in kitchen and the office. Next up is the upstairs guest bedroom.

Many guests have enjoyed staying in this bedroom, which makes me feel like we did a pretty good job making it comfortable and inviting for our out-of-town friends and family.

The furniture is from a set I had at my Dad’s house growing up. It was my teenage bedroom suite — after my bunk-bed phase — that my Dad and step-mother surprised me with one year for Christmas. Needless to say, this furniture means a great deal to me. I’ve always loved it.

When we purchased our home, this room was very, very blue and very, very dirty.

We added the chair rail trim and gave the walls and ceiling some fresh paint. You’ll also notice the state of the floors when we bought the house in the photo above. Carpet was the best choice for us then, and we’re still loving it. I think the room is much improved.

One of the simplest updates we made to this room was removing the hanging string used to pull down the stairs to the attic. We replaced it with a wooden knob painted white. I think it really helped make the attic entrance disappear.

The drapery panels were a lucky find a few years ago. I scored them at Lowe’s for $3 each!

It took me a long time to realize why they worked so well in the room. My (then) 16-year-old cousin pointed out that the color of the damask pattern was nearly an identical match to the upper wall color. Is it just me, or are 16-year-olds smarter than they used to be?

In the interest of keeping it real, I’ll go ahead and show you what the interior of the closet in this room looks like now.

Yep, that’s it! At one time, this closet was jam packed with some of Travis’ clothes and a shelf he built for some of my dish overflow from the kitchen. (For the record, he has way more clothes than I do.) Once we decided to try to sell our home, we decluttered and put a bunch of stuff in storage. I’m hoping we’ll be able to pare down what’s in storage and get rid of some stuff when we move. I might even be able to part with some of my beloved dishes, but I doubt it. Just typing that sentence made me sad.

There are a couple of art pieces with this room that I’m pretty fond of. The first hangs outside in the hall. It’s the last thing our guests see before entering their room for the night. (It’s also the last thing we see before entering our room every night, too!)

Isn’t it fun? It was a Christmas gift from my Mom a few years ago.The door to the guest bedroom is just to the right of this fun little piece of art. It’s actually the only artwork in the hallway that leads to all of the bedrooms upstairs. The hall is painted the same color as the living room and kitchen, in case you were wondering.

My other favorite art piece is inside the guest room.

My in-laws bought me this adorable Michael Sowa Diving Pig print one year for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.My husband is on the other side of the fence and thinks I’m a bit crazy for loving this pig so much. He just doesn’t understand. 😉

Quick tip: In lui of using a bed skirt, I simply bought the quilt a size up. It just barely skims the floor — eliminating the need for a bed skirt — and looks lovely. Plus, guests are able to double it over if they get cold during the night, which has actually been known to happen. I suppose this room is just extra cold during the winter months.

Since we’re still waiting for our home to sell, I’m sure we’ll be able to have many more guests stay with us in this room before we leave. We love entertaining and having overnight guests, and this room as served us — and our guests — well for nearly four years.

Source List:

Furniture: Gifted many, many years ago
Drapes: Lowe’s, allen + roth, sadly no longer available
Quilt: Belk, also no longer available
Framed Michael Sowa Diving Pig Art: Kirklands, no longer available. However, this can easily be found online.
Hallway Art, gifted

Paint Colors:

Above the chair rail:  Cliveden Gray Morning by Valspar
Below the chair rail: Somkey Olive by Valspar

Update: A new page has been added that lists the entire house tour. To see the entire house tour, click here. I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Sow Us Your Bedroom party.


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