September 9, 2011

DIY Calendar Art

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Every year my mother gets me a calendar. When I was younger, it might have been of puppies, ballet or whatever my current interest might have been. Now, that I’m older, she gets me a calendar for my kitchen. It’s always the same theme: fat chefs.

I always keep the calendars. You just never know when you’re going to need some art on the cheap.

A couple years in a row, my mother bought me a calendar that was made by the same company. The art for the months all worked well together and featured the same border.  I knew I would create wall art from these calendars when we moved into our house.  After all, the tall, blank wall behind the table in the eat-in kitchen was screaming for some love.

I cut out the calendar pages with a razor blade and then took them to Hobby Lobby’s framing department when frames were on sale.  After speaking with an associate in the framing department, we figured out buying ready-made frames would be the most cost effective. So I loaded up my cart with six frames all at 50 percent off.

Here’s where it gets exciting. Hobby Lobby will cut custom mats for you and install your art with mats into the ready-made frames all at 50 percent off. Score! Each frame with mat and art in place cost me around $10. I only had to wait a few days to come back and pick them up.

Once we had the frames home, the husband busted out his math skills to figure out the perfect grid on the kitchen/dining wall.

We tried a few different arrangements, but in the end, we settled on a simple grid that we both loved.

These frames were among the first to be hung in our home back in 2009, and we still love them.

What art have you DIY’d lately?


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