August 31, 2011

August in Review

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August was my second full month of blogging, and it was jam-packed full of storage solutions and Christmas prep.

This month began when I showed you my unsightly second guest bedroom and shared my lengthy to-do list for the room. This space has been in serious need of an overhaul for nearly three years now.

Last week, I was finally able to mark one thing off my to-do list for the second guest bedroom when I updated a pair of lamps.

Lamps After

What do I hope to tackle in September in this room? I hope to add a small tv to the space and rearrange the furniture to better utilize the space for starters. Also, I would like to refinish a pair of nightstands for the room. I have a projected goal of the end of the year to have this room completed. It’s anyone’s guess whether I’ll actually make that goal or not. To see my full to-do list for this room, click here.

Earlier in August, I also shared with you the second part of The Complexities of Isabel series. If you missed that post, click here to read all about what my complex little Chihuahua loves, doesn’t like and tolerates. I’ll give you a hint: she LOVES pink.

Isabel is Very Complex

We only saw one wreath this month, but it was simply lovely. Originally inspired by Centsational Girl’s gorgeous gemstone wreath, I transformed this beauty from the vertical to the horizontal. Confused? Click here.

Re-Imaging the Vertical

In August, I found a few unique storage options. I was especially excited about the shelves my husband made for my ever-growing dish collection. Why was I so excited? Because we found storage space where there previously was none. This was huge for me since our house doesn’t have a ton of awesome storage.

Then, I found a better storage system for the Christmas gifts I buy early every year. (Read more about why I buy gifts early here.) It may be out of sight, but it’s certainly not out of mind.

Lastly, I found a simple way to store paintbrushes. They’re totally not out of sight anymore, so maybe I’ll stop misplacing them.

Functional and Cute Storage

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I made two gift purchases this month that I was extremely excited about. Thinking outside of the Christmas gift box can sometimes score some serious deals. Click here to read about the Christmas gifts I purchased during the back to school deals.

I also continued to share with you my brunch plans for the ladies-only brunch I’m hosting at my house. Since then, I’ve hit a scheduling wall, so I’m not sure if this is going to pan out this year. I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have a McKay in your town? If you do, you should go there now. Find out why here.


August was a great month, but I’m totally over this crazy heat we’ve had this year. I’m super excited for fall weather. Bring on September!


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