August 17, 2011

Christmas Update: Buying Gifts

Posted in Christmas at 9:27 pm by BetweenWeekdays

I’m back with another Christmas update. We’re still talking gifts, but now we’re talking about the advantages of buying gifts early.

Obviously, buying gifts early means not putting such a strain on your wallet in December, but did you also know you can score some pretty sweet deals by thinking outside of the Christmas gift box?

While dorm room shopping with my cousin, I noticed some adorable lunch boxes at Bed Bath and Beyond. At $5 each, I knew they could be perfect Christmas gifts, so I snatched up two of them with a twinkle in my eye.

Receiving a lunch box for Christmas isn’t exactly a dream come true, I know. But, if I personalized each of these lunch boxes, not only would the recipient be more likely to use the lunch box, they would know the time and effort that went into picking out something just for them.

I googled around and found a local place that monograms and practically skipped over with my new lunch boxes. And wouldn’t you know it? They were having a back to school sale on backpacks and lunch boxes, which means I got both monogrammed for the price of one: $10 total.

These custom, lunch box, Christmas gifts rang in at $10 each. Not bad for a personalized gift, right?

I’m working hard to keep up my goal of not letting Christmas sneak up on me this year. (Read more about that here.) Christmas is only 123 days away. Will you be ready?


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