August 12, 2011

Finding Storage Where There Was None

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I’ve been collecting dishes for about a year now. I don’t know why. I blame it on my refusal to register for china when we were married. Now I have no china, and I need to feel that void in my life. Or something like that.

As I was saying, I’ve been collecting dishes for about a year now. I collect pieces of sets I find here and there. There’s often no reason why I buy the dishes, but I always find a way of using them. For instance, the denim plates I scored for less than $1 each found their way into my Fourth of July tablescape.

Since I didn’t register for wedding china, my kitchen is full of all the other stuff we did register for. (Now I remember why I didn’t register for china. I needed my kitchen stocked.) Which means, no room for pretty dishes.

I was using the armoire in my upstairs guest room for dish storage, but my table linens were taking over the tiny space. Did I mention I seem to collect table linens too? Hello, my name is Katie, and I collect dishes and table linens….and napkin rings.

As I was saying, I ran out of room quickly. What’s a girl to do? Stop buying dishes? Don’t be silly. We’ve already established I have an itch that needs to be scratched when it comes to all things tabletop.

I thought long and hard about all of my storage options and finally realized the bottom of the closet in the upstairs guest bedroom was underutilized. I had three of those plastic storage bins with drawers and a pile of bags in the corner. The bins took up way too much room and weren’t very functional. In fact, they mostly sat empty. And a pile of bags, even in a closet, isn’t acceptable to me.

The bags found a new home in the top of a closet and two of the bins moved downstairs. Much better.

This is when I enlisted the help of the husband to build a sturdy shelf to be tucked inside the closet. A quick trip to Lowes and $28 later, I had material for a shelf. We used four pieces of mdf shelving at Lowes. We could have gotten it in white, but I wasn’t sure I wanted white. Plus, it was more expensive.

The husband cut one piece of the mdf in half to create the sides and then screwed everything together. Luckily, it was pretty sturdy on its own, but we could have added support brackets if it wasn’t so sturdy.

The husband designed the shelf to utilize every inch of the closet space available, so it tucks neatly into the corner of the closet. Before, this area was empty, and I now have tons of storage to feed my dish-buying habit.



  1. livelovelaughcraft said,

    Hooray! I love new shelves! Don’t let me forget to give you your star candleholders while you’re down here.

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