July 14, 2011

Christmas in July

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Each July marks the beginning of my Christmas shopping/crafting. Why do I start so early? There are several reasons:

  1. I big fat LOVE the Christmas season. I wish we celebrated Christmas year round. No joke.
  2. I have to buy a lot of presents, and this gets expensive. If I can spread the buying out over a few months, the budget doesn’t suffer so much in December/January.
  3. I like to spend the entire month of December enjoying the season, not frantically decorating and shopping for gifts.
  4. Our wedding anniversary is in December. We like to celebrate, which sometimes means a trip away or simply a weekend doing nothing but spending time together ie not frantically decorating or shopping for gifts.
  5. I’m not a good last-minute holiday crafter. I like to craft because I want to, not because I have to.
  6. People are sometimes difficult to buy for, and I like to take the time to find just the right gift. Especially if I’m making the gift or spending a lot of money on one gift.
  7. After May, we’re pretty much done buying gifts for the year other than Christmas. This makes July the perfect time in the yearly budget to start buying Christmas gifts.
  8. Hobby Lobby begins putting out their Christmas items in July, and I can’t help but be mesmerized by the aisles of ornaments and décor. I always leave really inspired to create for Christmas.
  9. I really, really, really like thinking about Christmas.

Last year, I didn’t do so well with the whole Christmas in July idea. It was the only time I’ve ever fallen off the bandwagon, and it really set the tone for my Christmas season. I spent a lot of time shopping when I would have rather been with family. Our wedding anniversary was merely a blip on the radar. Our budget suffered from trying to fit everything in last minute. Wrapping presents ended up becoming a very unhappy marathon event. Presents weren’t properly organized and ended up at the wrong places. I didn’t get to all of the Christmas crafts I had envisioned. I didn’t send Christmas cards.

This year is going to be different. I put it out there in blogland, so now I have to follow through. I’m going to do things I’ve never done before to ensure last year doesn’t happen all over again.

Here are a few ideas I have:

  1. Create a notebook of some sort to keep track of gifts, receipts, craft ideas, etc.
  2. Keep notebook organized.
  3. Organize presents as I buy them by family.
  4. Gather supplies for crafts early.
  5. List what gifts I’ll be making this year and complete them before December if possible
  6. Hold myself accountable by blogging about Christmas progress.

I’ve already got a few projects in the works for some Christmas gifts, and I can’t wait to blog about them and everything else as the Christmas season approaches. Only 163 more days until Christmas! Trust me, it will be here before you know it. Will you be ready?



  1. livelovelaughcraft said,

    How could you not want to start preparing for Christmas when HL puts out their stuff? I’ve been dreaming of it since the first day I saw the ornaments 🙂 I can’t wait to see what crafts you do!

  2. Cindy Adkins said,

    Happy White Christmas in July!! So nice to meet you!


  3. Marcia said,

    I love your list of reasons to start early. I can relate to all of them and especially like what you wrote about crafting because you want to NOT because you have to. I think giving is the same.

    Thank you so much for joining the party. Love meeting new bloggy neighbors.

    Much love!

  4. Ann said,

    Great reasons to start planning and getting ready for Christmas! I think your comment about loving to craft because you WANT to and not because you HAVE to is the same with me. I find that when I start early (during the summer and fall), I’m more relaxed and enjoy crafting. If I wait until December, I find that I’m too rushed and don’t enjoy the process as much.

  5. Oh I will be ready, we have HAD to scale back drastically over the past few years!
    I too start my Christmas plans in July/August I get my Gooseberry Patch book in the mail and I have to just make something out of it every year.
    We do not buy/exchange gifts as much as we used too, so I try to make the things we do count all that much more, last year I did send out cards but we did not decorate and I was upset all season, so this year I am starting now and I will enjoy ALL of it.

  6. Wow, I so could have written this post…Our wedding anniversary is in December too!! How wonderful to meet another person who loves Christmas as much as I do!

    Best Christmas wishes,

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