June 29, 2011

Preserving the Top Tier of a Wedding Cake

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It’s tradition to save the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary. I’m sure you already know this.

Most couples I know who have done this haven’t had much success. That’s just because they didn’t know my mother.

Our Wedding Cake

After our wedding, my mother was the designated cake preserverer. I just made that word up. Don’t judge me.

My husband and I actually enjoyed our wedding cake one year after our wedding day, which was really nice since neither of us had a full piece at the wedding. It was a special nod to the most special day of our lives. And it was delicious!

When my mother and I ordered the wedding cake, she started asking questions about preserving it. The lady who baked our cake is amazingly talented, and shared her knowledge, which my mother tweaked a bit.

After a wedding we attended a few weekends ago I was entrusted with the top tier of the bride’s cake (along with the remainder of the groom’s cake and most of the second tier.) I followed my mom’s advice to preserve their cake.

Here’s the step by step for any other brides out there who wish to preserve the top tier of their cake.

  1. After the wedding have the cake boxed up (your caterer should be able to do this) and send it home with someone you trust, like your mom, for instance. This person will be responsible for preserving your cake. You’ll be on your honeymoon.
  2. Remove any non-edible decorations. The cake I was working with had a butter cream swirl decoration on the side; this is fine to freeze since it’s edible. The groom’s cake had a printed design on top; this is also fine to freeze.

    Groom's Cake Prior to Plastic Wrap

  3. The cake will need to be thoroughly chilled before it can be frozen. I recommend leaving it in the fridge over night.
  4. After the cake is chilled, remove it from the fridge and wrap the cake in plastic wrap. Securely wrap all sides of the cake with several layers of plastic wrap. Like 8 layers. Seriously.

    Top Tier Wrapped in Plastic

  5. Wrap the plastic-wrapped cake snugly with aluminum foil. You can tape down any loose ends if you want. This is completely optional. The husband decided we needed to tape down the edges of the cake we were preserving since it would be traveling. We froze the top tier of the bride’s cake, the remainder of the groom’s cake and a piece for the newlyweds to enjoy after their honeymoon. 
  6. Immediately place in freezer.
  7. Eat in one year!

Some types of cakes will not freeze as well as others, so please check with your baker if you’re not sure.

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  1. Great to know! Especially with four daughters!

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